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Memories of a Boy Chapter 26
Chapter 26: Fortune-Telling
“This is stupid.”
“...and by stupid, I mean foolish.”
Kagome giggled as she shook her head, “No, remember what you said earlier?”
The inu glared at her for all he was worth but remained silent. Grinning devilishly, she prompted, “We were playing tag...?”
“...and you kept winning, so I started pouting like you are no--”
“This Sesshomaru is NOT pouting!”
She shot him a disbelieving look. Frowning, Sesshomaru huffed in defeat. “And you said the game was stupid, to which I said 'If by stupid, you mean fun, then you are correct!'”
Kagome couldn't help the smug grin that crossed her face as his shoulders drooped in submission to her whims. In the six months he had been here, she had learned a lot about reading his body language in order to understand what he was thinking. Not that he was closed off by any means, but he certainly wasn't an open book a
:iconfaehime:FaeHime 2 4
Journey to the Future Fan Art Chapter 2 by FaeHime
Mature content
Journey to the Future Fan Art Chapter 2 :iconfaehime:FaeHime 5 3
kasey44 color Incentive by FaeHime kasey44 color Incentive :iconfaehime:FaeHime 1 1 Inaliafox Color Incentive by FaeHime Inaliafox Color Incentive :iconfaehime:FaeHime 2 1 Tubby Squirrel by FaeHime Tubby Squirrel :iconfaehime:FaeHime 2 0
Chapter 25: Pinky Promise
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I want to preface this chapter with a warning that it jumps back and forth between the past and present as well as a side story and can get a bit confusing. Or maybe it's just me. Oh well, enjoy!

While fireworks were not a novel idea to the young inu, he still detested the loud and sudden cacophony that accompanied the glittering lights in the sky. Rubbing his ears, Sesshomaru glanced around him quickly, trying to spot his prey in the crowds swarming Higurashi shrine. His task was made slightly easier by the fact that currently everyone was standing still watching the light show overhead, and yet he was still having no luck. He frowned in annoyance. With himself or with the young girl he sought, he wasn't sure, and before he could decide another round of fireworks went off, making his ears pound with discomfort.
The Tanabata Festival had been going on since early that morning, and for the most part he and Kagome had been enjoying themselves. Both had d
:iconfaehime:FaeHime 5 3
Chapter 24: Truth or Dare: The Dare
“What changed?”
Sesshomaru glanced through the darkness, to where Kagome laid in her sleeping bag on the other side of the camp. Her cerulean eyes stared directly into his, although he knew she couldn't actually see him. Regardless, her gaze never wavered.
“What happened between us, Sesshomaru?” Her voice was a breathless whisper, barbed with confusion and curiosity. “What is it that I'm not remembering?”
Sesshomaru felt reluctant to answer, an unexpected tightness to his throat. He wasn't worried about the others hearing the answer to her question, as the only ones remaining at the camp were himself, Kagome and the children, both of whom were asleep. Regardless of their privacy, the demon lord was reluctant to expose the truth about his years of bitter rage.
Especially, now that he knew how unjustified it had been. So he baited her instead.
“In the years after I came back through the Well,” he murmured, watching her face carefully,
:iconfaehime:FaeHime 4 3
Sketch Dump by FaeHime Sketch Dump :iconfaehime:FaeHime 4 2
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Has a soft spot for demons...
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I have no rivals. I fight no part of myself in others.
In life's wide horizon of abundant opportunity nothing is denied to me.

The dreams and visions I once wielded are but tools. Clear and cutting as a laser, emotion is not my shackle, nor is imagination my blindfold.

Current Residence: SA= San Antonio, Texas baby >.<
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Personal Quote: I may not be able to save the world, but I can save at least one person's world at a time...



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